Range Rules

Range Rules

 West Branch Sportsmens CClub

Regular Shooting Hours:
Mon-Sat 9 AM until dusk / Sundays 10 AM until dusk

Ranges are closed during the two (2) weeks of deer season following Thanksgiving (except Sunday). Caution is to be used by both hunters and target shooters during all other times.

Ranges will also be closed during the monthly volunteer workdays (the 3rd Saturday of each month, Jan-Nov) until work is completed or as otherwise posted for special shooting events as scheduled.

WBSC ranges are for the use of all current members.  Our club operates entirely through the efforts of Club member volunteers thus mandating ALL members’ stewardship and obedience to the range rules.

WBSC is a drug and alcohol free facility. Do not bring alcohol or recreational drugs into the facility whether in a container, or in your system. Consider and know the effects of prescription and over the counter medications on your system.

Safe Direction

The safe direction on all WBSC outdoor rifle and/or pistol ranges is with Muzzles  pointed downrange and into earthen berms behind the permanent target line at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS


  1. NRA Rules of Firearms Safety are to be followed at ALL times.
    1. “Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.”
    2. “Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot”
    3. “Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use”
  2. All firearms are to be cased, holstered or slung, or placed in a club provided rack when not on the firing line.
  3. Action(s) cleared & open when not actually shooting.
  4. No handling of firearms or ammunition when anyone is downrange. (Step back from firing line)
  5. Eye and ear protection is required for everyone as necessary.
  6. No lighting of or shooting at explosive targets.  (including but not limited to: fireworks, home made bombs, store bought exploding targets,  propane tanks, aerosol cans, etc.,
  7. No Tracer, Explosive or Incendiary Bullets (Fire Hazard) may be fired on Club Ranges.
  8. Targets must be placed such that rounds impact earthen berms. Intermediate targets (soda cans etc) and moveable target stands must be placed so that bullets impact the earthen berm, and do not strike the main vertical posts. Do NOT shoot objects on the ground at distances from the berm where a ricochet could leave the range.
  9. No glass or similarly fractious targets
  10. No loads larger than #7-1/2 shot permitted on the Trap Field. All shot sizes and rifled slugs may be used on the 25, 50, and 150 yard ranges.
  11. When entering and/or leaving club grounds make sure the gate is closed behind you.
  12. Present your membership card to any other member upon request.
  13. Leave no trace behind, police empty cases, trash, targets and everything else you brought onto the range.
  14. No cartridges based on 50 BMG or larger permitted on range. No Full Automatic fire permitted. Rate of fire should not be faster than the shooter can maintain control of impact such that rounds do not leave the range.
  15. Violation of any of these rules could subject you to penalties up to and including suspension and/or expulsion without refund of any portion of club dues.

All members utilizing the ranges at any given time are expected to “take ownership” of the range and enforcement of range rules.  If you come onto the range and someone else left trash behind, it will be considered yours and that you remove it!  If you come onto the range and there exist target items left behind by others – it will be considered yours and you are to remove it!  If you come onto the range and a shooter is violating ANY of the posted range rules, you are expected to ask for the offender’s membership card, expel the individual(s) from the range, and report the incident to Chief Range Safety Officer or club Officer.