Club By-Laws




West Branch Sportsmen’s Club


Toll Free Phone:   877-471-4868

Clubhouse Phone: 906-942-7004




  1. The name of this organization, a nonprofit corporation of the State of Michigan, shall be the West Branch Sportsmen’s Club Inc., Corporation #848218, Dept. of Treasury, and Employer # 38-3226925.


  1. The purpose and intent of this Club is to promote conservation, education, the shooting sports and sportsmanship.


  1. Membership shall be open to all races, color, creed, and gender.


  1. Total membership will be limited to 125 members with additions applications being placed on a waiting list until an opening occurs.


  1. To become acquainted with the facilities and club members, a candidate applies in person at one (1) meeting for membership. The application will be considered the following month, being approved by the general membership, they will be given full membership upon paying an initiation fee equal to one year’s dues, and paying the prorated dues for the remainder of the year.


  1. Membership annual dues will be $50. New members joining the club during the year will pay prorated dues of $4.00 per month.


  1. Regular monthly meetings of the Club will consist of a 5:30-6:30 social hour followed by 6:30-7:00 dinner with the general meeting beginning at 7:00 at the club house on the second Monday of each month, except the month of November, when the meeting shall be held on the first Monday of the month. Members will be notified of meeting changes or special meetings by mail, email or telephone.



  1. (A) To be a member in good standing, all dues, fines, assessments or other monies owed to the corporation from the previous year, and dues for the current year area to be paid no later than the first meeting of the membership in January. Members not paying by the January meeting will be notified by mail or phone that they must pay no later than the first meeting in February or their membership will not be renewed.


(B) All members in good standing of the Club, as carried on the official records of the Club, shall each have one vote for all club business, submitted to the membership vote pursuant to current by-laws of the Club, duly enacted on January 8, 2001. There shall be no other classes of membership, each member having one share.


  1. Members who do not attend regular membership meetings will be assessed one ($1) dollar fine for each meeting missed.


  • Each year members will elect a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and a recording secretary, and may elect other such officers as the membership may deem appropriate from time to time.       Officers will be nominated at the November meeting, voted on at the December meeting, and take office in January.



(A) Each office must be voted on separately.


(B) Five (5) trustees will be nominated in November and elected in December (when their term is up), to serve the following terms: one (1) person –three(3) year, two(2) persons –two(2) year and two(2) persons- one(1) year.


(C) An Assistant Treasurer and Chief Range Officer shall be appointed by the executive board at the January meeting for a one year term.


  1. A quorum of two (2) officers and twenty five (25) members must be present to hold a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Meetings involving the club may be scheduled with notification to the executive board members.


  1. By-laws will be reviewed each September by the By-laws Committee. Presented to the membership in November, voted on in December and take effect in January.


  1. Any articles and by-laws, except By-Law #19, of the corporation may be amended at any time by unanimous vote of members attending the meeting. Members not attending the previous meeting will be notified by proof of mailing ten days prior to the meeting, Articles and by-laws may also be amended at the December meeting of the       membership, at which a quorum is present, by vote of at least 75% of those members present.


  1. (A) Use of the rifle, pistol, and archery/crossbow range is free to the members, their spouses, family members, and guests, when accompanied by a member.


(B) Use of the trap range is limited to members, their spouses, family members and guests, when accompanied by a member. Fees for the use of the trap range will be determined by the range committee each year.


(C) Members using the trap range are responsible for collecting fees and turning the fees in to the range officer monthly.


(D) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the range during any shooting.


  1. Members must turn in reports and monies with respect to all club activities to the secretary-treasurer in a timely manner.


  1. An audit committee of three (3) members shall be appointed each year. The audit will be conducted and reported at the February meeting.


  1. All personal use of the Club facilities must be approved by the President or Vice-President except as stated in Section 14.


  1. All personal use of club property (equipment) must be approved and recorded by the “Equipment Chairperson” who will be appointed by the president.



  1. Any member charged with conduct harmful to the purpose or interest of the Club, or who causes or intends to cause injury of embarrassment to the Club, or is in violation of its by-laws or rules, shall be given not less than fifteen (15) days to respond to such a complaint. The Club may revoke the individual’s membership by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of those present.


  1. In an event of the Dissolution of the Corporation all assets including real estate, will revert to the local Unit of Government per Michigan State Lottery Commission Rules.


Use of Revenue: All funds and assets of the Club shall be used only for purposes that are consistent with the purposes of the Club and for actual administrative expenses in conducting the affairs of the Club under the direction and with the approval of the Trustees. The Trustees may purchase land, building and equipment and operate and maintain the same as required to further the purpose of the Club.


Dissolution: Upon dissolution of the club and after paying for payment of all liabilities of the Club, all remaining assets of the Club shall be transferred to (another non-profit or local unit of government)


Use of Revenue for lawful purpose: Revenues of the Club shall not be used for the benefit of any individual, member or shareholders of the qualified organization except to further the lawful purpose of the Club.


(Revision 12/14/15)